15 Cool Web Animation Tools

Animation is becoming an essential when it comes to web design. Here are some cool tools for web designers.

  1. Animate.css is a tool that allows you to add animation effects to your letters. Some effects it allows you to add are bounce, fade, rotate, and zoom effects.
  2. Bounce.js allows you to select beautiful animations and bring them to life. You select the way you want your component to move. This can either be a jelly movement or back and forth etc.
  3. Dynamis.js adds moving effect to your animation. Your animation is moving back and forth and this tool allows you to add a gravity effect or lets your animation bounce back and forth.
  4. Next is Choreographer.js which is a simple library that helps you with complex CSS animations.
  5. Bonsai.js is another animation tool. Examples of animations that are featured on this program are animated pie charts and dragable shapes.
  6. Rocket is a tool used to add a beautiful movement effect where an item moves from one point to another. You can make your item pulse or rotate as it moves from one place to another.
  7. CSShake adds a shake effect to your animation. As your cursor moves over the milkshake for example the milkshake will begin to shake. You can customize the effect to your liking.
  8. Wallop is a slider. It is used for showing and hiding things. On the main page are examples of animations which are walking or moving.
  9. AnimateMate is a tool that helps you create images with backgrounds. It also allows you to add movement to your background and animation. An example of this is a cassette tape with the animated reels.
  10. Obnoxious.css has 5 effects to add to your texts. It’s quite simple you choose either shake it, intensifies, fontalicious, strobe, or twister and it adds that animation to your texts.
  11. Animatelo is like Animate.css. It has the bounce effect to add to your texts. It has different types of bounce effects along with other choices.
  12. Scroll reveal is a tool which animates as you scroll. As you scroll down the content that appears is animated.
  13. Another scroll animation tool is AOS. AOS lets your content jump at you as your scrolling.
  14. Rellax is a library that gives a light 3D effect.
  15. The last one is three.js. This is a powerful library for making complicated or simple 3D animations.

There are also many more tools available on the web that are good for adding animation to your web design projects. Animation makes your web design projects look cooler and draw more attention.