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What Are Some Secrets For AR Design To Be Successful?

Augmented reality is something that has managed to successfully make its own name and presence in the world of entertainment. It also has managed to create its own place in education, marketing, and numerous other industries as well. By 2019, AR is expected to only get bigger, and that means it will grow to 2.4 billion dollars. On the flip side of that, augmented reality is truly something, which does prove to be a real challenge to its designers. The help of some good secrets can help make the design process easier. What are these secrets? They are these.

1. Make AR Experiences Something Tied to Business and User Objectives

What this translates to is clear, and that is this, you as the AR designer should always make sure to create an AR app for only one reason. The reason being that the app is something that is tied to good user experience and user needs. Don’t create an AR app simply because it is something trendy. Create an app that is associated with clear business and user objectives side by side.

2. Create an App Product That is Adaptable to the User’s Environment

You need to make the app as natural as is possible and make the environment that it is associated with one that does definitely fit in with said environment in every way. The type of environment can seriously affect AR design. When you are designing a specific AR design, you need to do some detailed research into the environmental conditions, as well as determine how the app will be used and if it will affect the user of it.

3. AR Apps Need to User Friendly and Easy to Use

AR apps should always be something that has its own layer of value and lessens the time required to do simple tasks. People who use AR apps want experience and not just technology. User interaction with AR apps should be simple in delivery. You should do the design process with a complete task analysis.

How to Build Backlinks Using Your Competitors’ Broken Pages

Building backlinks can often be quite exhausting. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to getting the best results for your efforts. Having a little bit of knowledge in your corner will help you to get a step ahead of the competition. Therefore, backlinks can be the heart and soul of a website and can be the very thing that gets your site seen and not leave it to be unnoticed.

Make Sure to Gather Information on Your Competition

Getting ahead of the competition means that you must know what it is that your competitors are doing to get people to go to their site. Taking a few steps to research will be all you need to do to be successful in your efforts. One thing that you can do is to set up backlink alerts. You can alter these alerts to inform you to certain words that you are interested in. Another thing that you should do is to set up alarms for mentions on a brand. This can help you to notice immediately when any naming of a competitor’s brand is mentioned.

Research Sites That Backlink to Multiple Competitors

A little competition is a healthy thing and it is even better when you are able to locate a site that links back to more than one of your competitors. Once you accomplish this, you will quickly see that you can get an upper hand over the competition that you are battling. Once you do this, then you can single out the backlinks that are an actual rivalry to your business. Then you can begin focusing on your efforts and that is dealing with the backlinks of your competition.

Locate the Guest Post That Your Competition Will Generally Have

Taking a little time to go and locate the guests post will have a lot of a bigger benefit than that you might expect. If you know the name of the guest, then you can do a search that way and simply find the posts that feature this person’s writing posts on the blog. This may not seem like it has a lot of usefulness, but in the end, it will have massive effects.

If you are looking to get ahead in business, then you will want and need to make sure that you take full advantage of the broken backlinks. Having the insight to go after these and knowing how to put these to your use, will be huge in your beating some of the competitors that you will be facing.

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The Perfect UX/UI Design Tools

If you are a newbie in the world of UX and UI, then things may seem a lot intimidating and overwhelming. That is the bad news, the good news is that there are many helpful tools that are on the market that will be useful in helping you to get into the game and soon be designing like a pro. Everything from start to finish will be covered in these tools and even if you are familiar with the process, there are some tools that will help to better your overall skills.

Introduction to UX/UI Design by “Fast Company”

This is an essential tool that you need to make sure to possess when you are first getting started. It is a company that has a proven track record of developing articles and programs to help people in the field of UX design. The blogs from this company will be essential in helping a person no matter of the degree of experience level to get the best results for their efforts. This will be a good place for you to get your feet under you and see what you are getting yourself into.

Solve Problems with Typeform

Typeform is an excellent problem solving tool that every good person will need to make sure that they implement. When there is a problem, you need to know what the problem is and how to go about fixing it. This is a good way to fill out the forms and see where the issues are and then figure out what is needed in order to fix the issues. The basic plan that you can get is free and has a lot of great insight into finding problems and how to go about solving them.

UX Curriculum by Springboard

Using this is an excellent way to get a deep understanding of the UX design process while many people will think that they have to go to a University for a long time to learn all the basics, you will be surprised to learn that you can get the basics just by going through this program.

Modify Images with Canva

If you are looking to design, then you will want to make sure that you use Canva which is a great software to design and modify images. Using this program is very easy and can go a long way in helping a person that is interested in manipulating images to get the best results with the least amount of effort. Besides Adobe Color Wheel, Canva is your best bet for a design product to edit images.

Invision Gives Helpful Feedback

When it comes to collaboration, there are several pieces of software that you can use to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Getting real time feedback is vital as this allows you to get feedback from a client in real time and to make the needed changes right away and, thus, get a project finished a lot faster than in the old days.

The Psychology Behind UX Design

When dealing with UX design, it is honestly one of those concepts that everyone has a different approach to it. In order to understand this correctly, you will need to experience this concept from a number of other perspectives. Once you see things from other perspectives, then you will have a greater appreciation for the viewpoint that you have on a particular item. But the psychology goes a lot deeper than that and you must have a good understanding of this to fully understand. Let’s take a look at UX design and see what it is deep down that makes this really tick.

People Will Get Away with the Least Amount of Work

This sounds funny, but it is in fact true, people will not do any more work than what they have to do. This translates to a person will not want to be overloaded with information. It is best that you give them just enough information that will allow them to decide if they want more or not. Give people what they actually are looking for and what they need. Research will be your best friend in this regard and will give you the best overall results. The last thing to look at is to provide defaults, this is important in the fact that this will allow them to do the least amount of work possible.

People Do Have Limitations

Remember that people can and will only read a certain amount of information on a screen and that once they have hit that limit, then they will without question lose interest. So, limit the amount of information that you provide to your visitors and not add a bunch of unwanted information. If possible, make the information easy for them to scan with their eyes. People tend to operate in short microbursts of information. They also like to read longer lines of text if it is something of interest to them. Most of the time, keep it simple.

People Do Make Many Mistakes

Nothing is more frustrating than to have a site that is friendly to those that make mistakes. There is a human part of us that tends to make mistakes all the time. If your site is not set up to anticipate these mistakes, then you will lose people at a rapid pace. There needs to be a way that you can avoid these costly mistakes and help a user to be protected from themselves and their innate ability to make bad decisions.

These are a few of the things that should be considered when talking about the psychology of UX Design. Considering these things, you will quickly see that your site can be made to be profitable and easy to use for your visitors. Just a little work will be all you need to put into making your website as popular as possible. This will be all you need to know in order to get the most effectiveness from the site and getting it to be one of the “go to” sites.

Tips for Getting Started as a Freelance Designer

When you are first starting out as a graphic designer, the world around you seem dark and scary. You wonder if you have the needed skills to make it in this field and you will generally not know where to even get started. That is the bad news, the good news is that articles, such as this one, will help you to see the things you need to consider when looking to get going. In the reality of things, this is not as scary as it may seem. If you know what you are doing and how to go about doing it with these simple tips.

Who Are You as a Designer, Figure This Out!

The first step is that you need to figure out who you are as a designer. This is a question that sounds all in-depth and stuff, but in actuality, it is not as complex as it may sound. Anyone that has ever made it in this world, has done so by creating a style that was unique to them and applying it to the everyday world.

This style will be the heart and soul of who you are and will speak volumes in helping you to get recognized. You need to make sure that your style is fluid enough, that it allows you to adapt and adjust on the fly. Once you master this, then the rest will be a walk in the park.

It’s Your Work, Stop Giving It Away for Free

Often people will give their work away for free without even trying. This can be a serious issue if it happens too many times. While it is important to get your name out, you must stop just giving away the work that you put so much time and trouble into. Think about a meal, if it is expensive, it will be perceived as being better quality as opposed to a hamburger that comes off the dollar menu. Perception is reality and in the world of designing, that perception can have a huge impact.

Use Local Resources

Many designers will not take advantage of the local resources that are at their disposal. This is a shame as these resources can be all the difference in the world between getting noticed and just blending in with the rest of the designers. These resources are there. To begin with it only makes sense if you will take full advantage of these.

These are a few of the tips that you can use in helping yourself get noticed in the freelance designer world. You are not going to get a free pass, but you will generally have better success if you use these tips to get over the humps that plague so many talented designers.

New Photoshop CC Is Here

If you are like many of the people that has been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for the newest update to photoshop, then you will not be disappointed in the results of your long wait. Adobe promised something big was coming and they delivered with this update. While other programs were not able to achieve such powerful results. Adobe wanted to make sure that they got a product out to the public that everyone likes and could actually get behind.

We will look at a few of the features that will make this update one of the most powerful ones to happen in some time.

The Days of Better Masking

If you were hoping for better masking, then you will not be disappointed as Adobe delivered on this in a big way. Often it will be said that they over-delivered, but in this case, it was just the right amount.

Adobe has been making huge strides in dealing with effects such as windblown hair. This better masking tool replaces the refine edge features that was in the previous version. That is the bad news, but the good news is that the new tool can do a lot more than the refine edge tool could ever think about doing.

Facial Aware Liquefy

Again, this was another progress that came from the advancements in the new update. The tool automatically detects features in the picture and allows you via a slide to make the needed adjustments. This is a huge advantage as many types of program, such as Photoshop, will never be able to do something this advanced with such ease. This along with the content aware cropping ensures that you get more done in less time than you might otherwise spend time doing.

Font Recognition

The biggest issue a person might have is that they would have a problem with the fonts in a picture. Gone are these days as now there is a feature in the software that will go in and examine the font on a picture. Then, it will check if you have installed it and suggest that you use that font. If you don’t, then it will suggest for other alternatives that would work just as well and give you access to download these fonts. Afterwards you can use them in your project. This is one of the biggest advantages that users of the program will see when looking at how this program can make their life a lot easier.

Overall Speed Increase

There is a large amount of increase for speed that had not been there in updates past. Many of the features that were so popular and seemed to be the slowest, have been given a massive increase and now are three times faster than they used to be. This increase in speed means that you have a lot more increase in the amount of productivity that you generally had in the past. This along with the other improvements will mean an increase in the amount of work you get done.

Google Is Grouping Keyword Volumes – What Does This Mean for SEO?

As you may already know by now, Google has taken and grouped keywords that are like little manageable groups in Keyword Planner. This may seem like a big deal to some while others will not give this a second thought. So, the question that must be asked is what does all this mean and how exactly does it affect you and your keywords? We will look at these two questions and see how if any there will be effects on this.

What Has Google Changed and What Does This Mean – Does It Even Matter?

If you are sitting there wondering what Google has changed and does this even matter, then the answers are “a lot” and “yes”. These are the short answers but the actual real answers are a little more complicated than that. For example, we will look at a case of surfboard and surfboard wax. Let’s say that surfboards have 22.000 people that come and search for the word and 13.100 people search for surfboard wax. The problem with this might be that you wind up with 36.100 being the listed number for both keywords. That in effect leads to some serious issues when it comes to real volume for a particular keyword. This is an issue insofar that the true volume will not be disclosed for a keyword. This can without even trying, lead to false results per keywords actual volume.

SERPS – What Is Going On?

The plural versions of these words will often be grouped into a section all their own. This, according to many users, does not make a lot of sense and seems to just be a waste of time and resources. Things like BBC and British Broadcasting Channel are placed in separate groups as is ABC and American Broadcasting Company and so forth for words that have abbreviations.

This is also the case for words that have different types of punctuation. Things like “Turtles” and “Turtle’s” are placed in different groups and thus will lead to a very skewed keyword volume. The end results of these changes are that often a person’s Google will be greatly affected in regards as to what keywords they will see and what groups these words will be in.

In the end, there are a lot of changes that seem to be made to the grouping of certain keywords and this will in general lead to people in SEO business being very confused for a very long time trying to get past these issues. No matter the type of business you run, if you are dependent on keywords, then you will see some serious implications with Google grouping these keywords.

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Web Design Trends 2016

The use of layered elements is essential in websites today as they are a must have in a 2d web environment. The best part of this is that the elements are so realistic that you can almost reach out and touch them. This is why these are a must for any type of website that you are designing. The key is that all the layers need to look natural and light. This will provide a real look to your site and allow the elements to really pop. The best way for you to get results that will be outstanding is to simply experiment. This will allow you the chance to see what does and does not work and how each element will interact with other elements.

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These are simply interactions that occur when you click on something. There are a number of these that can occur but for this example we will use Facebook and their notifications area. We are all used to the icon in white and when there is something that needs our attention, the white icon has a red appearance on it. When you see these red icon, you will click on it and thus you will make new friends or will have a chat with one of your friends. This is an example of a Microinteraction as one action leads to another interaction that has a different effect.

Dark Color Schemes

For those that are fans of dark colors, you will like that one of the hottest trends this year is the use of dark color schemes on your website. These color schemes are popular for a number of reasons and the biggest of these reasons is the fact that dark colors are easy to look at and will not stress the eyes as much. The other reason is that they help for colors to really pop out when used on a website. Video and animation are two aspects that do well with the use of dark color schemes. This allows these to really pop when they might otherwise just blend in with the rest of the website.

These are a few of the trends that you need to be aware of when dealing with website trends for 2017, these are always changing and what is popular today will not be as popular next week or even next year. Always make sure you have your finger on the pulse of what is trending.

Tips for Faster-Loading Media

If you think that the amount of time for an image to load is not important, then you are not aware that a good portion of people that abandon a site will do so simply because the media takes too long to load. We live in a world where things happen in a matter of seconds and we are not willing to wait any longer than we have determined in our heads is the right amount of time. It is for this reason that if the media on a site takes too long to load, your visitors will generally leave before they see what you have to offer them. There is hope for this and if you follow these tips, they will go a long way in assisting you to make sure that you are getting better exposure to potential visitors.

Image Quality

When you are working with your images, it is important that you save them in a way that will make them web friendly. This simply means that they need to be in a format that the web generally likes to recognize and work with. Some of the more popular formats are JPEG, GIF, PNG and SVG. If you are used to these formats, then you are already ahead of the game and have a foot ahead of the rest. Having a format that the web works well will help you to get your pages and images to load a lot faster than in general.

Lossy Versus Lossless

If you are able to lose some of the file data and reduce the size of the file, then you can in the end lead to the image loading a lot faster than it might otherwise load. This is often referred to as Lossless versus Lossy. The difference between the two can make all the difference in how fast your media file loads and if a customer will remain on your site or not. Our brains can only process a certain amount of information and once this limit has been reached, we do not accept any further data. Therefore, you can lose a lot of the data that might be looked at as redundant in an image.

Image Size and Quality

The image size and quality are two things that should be looked at closely. These two aspects can greatly affect the amount of time that it takes for an image to load and thus will be another aspect that may or may not drive a visitor away from your site. Be sure that you look at this topic in depth and are doing what you can in helping to assist the image to load as fast as it can.

All of these put together will generally lead to your site loading a lot faster and will keep your visitors from leaving and going on to a competitors site instead. Most people do not think about the importance that content can have on the amount of traffic that they get, but in truth it can be all the difference in the world.

Importance of Personal Brandings

If you are one of the people who think that personal branding is not important, then you are in fact very wrong. Personal branding is essential as this it is what helps you to stand out from the rest of the crowd. No business has ever succeeded without a personal brand and no company ever will. We see logos all the time and when we see them, we are able to almost recognize them by their logo or their motto. Imagine a world where Nike had never come around with the Swoosh design, they would just be another unknown company that made tennis shoes.

Personal Brandings for a Successful Company

Personal branding is essential to having success. In fact, it is often said that the two of these concepts build off of one another. Image is everything and as a result this leads to you having better success and thus you want to make sure that you are carrying yourself a certain way that is in accordance with your image. If you see someone that has not taking the time to look at their image, then you will see where they are not giving off the image of success and wanting to be better.

Your standards will without a doubt change and you will find yourself not being satisfied with just getting by with the minimum. You will want to strive for bigger and better things. This leads to your whole mindset being changed and you seeing your standards go up. You expect the people around you to strive for better as you see that they can be and do better. This in turn leads to your business having a lot more success than you might otherwise have had. If you doubt this, then take the challenge and increase your personal brand and see what happens naturally with you.

A Personal Brand Helps to Stand Out Among Others

Having the skill set to stand out is essential to get ahead in the business world. Everyone has the same degree and the only thing that makes it different is what college did you attend to get it? That used to have enough weight to set you ahead of the others. The truth of the matter is that these days it is not enough to go to a school with a good name as you will not stand out. This is where the personal brand will be so important. The weight that the personal brand carries can be more than enough to make you stand out among the dull stars of the universe. A person that shows off their personal brand will see a lot more success come their way if they can master this being what sets them apart from others.

A personal brand is what makes you who you are and can make all the difference in the world in setting you apart from the rest of the crowd. Take the time to set back and determine what is your personal brand and make sure to tailor it to where it is unique to you and your needs alone. Once you have a personal brand that is all about you, run with it and make yourself stand at the front of the pack.