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Each and every one of us are connected, especially on social media and other online platforms. Which is why using SEO is so important. Another thing that is important is something called “machine learning.”


There are two sub categories with this one. There is supervised and unsupervised. Supervised machine learning is when a person learns about the inner-workings by using equations and algorithms.

Unsupervised machine learning is when a person learns the same stuff, it’s just that there are no equations involved. Think of it as the difference between book learning and life learning. There are many things that book learning can teach a person. Life learning gives you experiences in more of a realistic approach. Unsupervised machine learning is all about learning things without “theory” coming up.

Some might be asking why this is relevant. One must learn this data to help them increase their site structure. Bloggers have to know what is working within their site structure and what is not. This data is extremely important. The more bloggers know about the inner workings of their sites, the more they can make adjustments where needed.


Some say supervised machine learning(book learning) is the better way to go. Others say that unsupervised machine learning(life learning) is the better approach. To be honest, both approaches offer something of value.

Each of us can learn something from a book. Each of us can learn something from life. It’s up to each person to combine both learning aids into one. This is why both methods of machine learning is quite valuable.

Each of us can learn something from the algorithms. We can also learn something from doing things without a net. Every blogger needs both approaches when dealing with their site.

The training process is what each of us make of it. It all depends on how long it takes to understand the inner-workings. Tools like the Penguin are there to aid and assist.


There are lots of lies going around about how to improve site traffic. There are even more lies going around about using SEO. It’s time to set the record straight. It’s time to look at these lies and start spreading the truth.


Some people like to push a message onto people who have no interest in hearing these words. Good news. There is a way around this. It’s time to throw some reverse-psychology back to the readers. It’s time to find out what they want to hear. This is new way to approach it.

Take what has been learned and write the content. The content will appear at just the right time. This is one approach to reaching readers that many are not using to their advantage. Start doing it. It’s called using pull vs. push. Bloggers who do this will be amazed at how the traffic begins to find them. It’s kind of like finding love. Stop looking for it to happen. Once you do, it will find you.


Content is king. It always has been, always will be. This is also a bunch of garbage, to a certain extent. The user is the reigning emperor. It’s time to stop putting control in the hands of something that does not exist.

Put the control back into your hands. Bloggers are the one who make the rules. The site designers are the ones who create the content and imagery. Starting owning it. The user rules the roost. Remember this. Content is important, but only the user has control over what is being said. Take back the control.


Google cares about what keywords are being used. This is also garbage. Google could care less about what keywords are being used. Google only cares about how the words are being used. Remember this. It’s all about control. Take back the control on this one too.

Some key things to remember.

Do keyword research to find out what people are searching for. Find out what words are being used during the search. Combing these findings to come up with the perfect SEO content ranking.

– It’s all about high-volume, low-competition wording. If users nail this, they have it made.

– If something is not working, try not to beat a dead horse. Move onto the next project if need be. It’s like pinning for a love that will never come back. Move on.


– Look at the pages performing low to medium. Find a way to bring them back to life.

– Is there a fallout between the user intent and content. Sometimes a user puts out content that is not meant to be intentionally doing one thing or another. Find a way to take care of this. Find a way to match things back up again. Mismatching content and intent is one way to bring low traffic, or no traffic at all.

– Look at what is already out. Is there a way to change it up? Are there things that need tags? Is there a meta-description missing from some page. Meta-description is one way users can draw traffic to certain pages. Meta-description shows up in Google rankings and search engines. Is there a way this can be optimized? Look at the results so far.

Find ways to tweak and rework content that is not performing well. Repeat these processes over and over.

Click on this link for more information on using specific Google tools for tweaking performance and other content.


1) a
2) the
3) for
4) of

These are all considered stop words. When it comes to optimization of content, these words are generally frowned upon. In fact, some filters on Google will filter these words out in searches.

Many feel that people can find that what they are looking for in a search without the use of these words. This leads us up to the main focus of this article. How can a person find what they want in a Google search, without the use of the stop words?

1) Take the main keyword and put it through the search engine. Think about what you are trying to find. Take the one main focus word and put it in. Google will bounce back exactly what is needed. Sometimes the other words we use end up clogging the filters a bit. Stop doing that.

2) Take a look at some of the trends going around. Now look at your keyword focus. Now combine the two. If the keyword being used is “market value”. Look at the trends wrapped around these words. Now combine the two, but only using two or three main focus words. The answer will come right at you. There is no need for all the extra fillers.


Another good question. Some have said that it’s better to go shorter. However, the competition has found this out too. Everyone needs to be one step ahead of the competition. The trick is to conduct your keyword search wisely without using fillers. The best thing to do is to go long. Stretch out the search, but take away the stop words. The stop words will only serve to hurt the search.

Say a person uses a search of kids clothing. It’s not going to matter which word is first. Google will bring it all up the same. Now let’s say a person puts in clothing for kids. This order is very important. There is the stop word in there, but this results will yield better results.

The idea is to take this idea and apply it to your own search queries. Word placement is just as important as trying to cut down on the stop word usage. Now some might be asking if cutting off stop words completely will get the job done sooner. The answer to this is not necessarily. The idea is to cut down on the stop words, not cut them off completely.

If each of you remember the idea of word placement and cutting out the fillers, your keyword search will go much smoother.


Setting up any kind of blog is never an easy thing to do. There are so many factors to keep in mind. Blogs that are just starting out are in the worse kinds of situations. Starter blogs are rarely found in search engine. If they are, it’s only because those who are locating them know what words to use.

This is the main purpose of this content. We are here to learn how to structure a blog properly. This way any search engine can pick them up.

1) Most bloggers blog about different things. It’s best to evaluate the subjects every couple of months. Look at what is being said. Look at what subjects are being talked about more. Which ones are being viewed more. Finding out this information is quite useful. This way a blogger will know which subjects to focus on. There is no need to blog about something that no one is reading about. There is no need to focus on a blog that carries little to no interest from the audience.

2) Use tags and subcategories. This is one way bloggers can increase their traffic and readership. Tags are an important part of any story. Tags are used on social media and other platforms. If you use a tag, the audience will find your stuff faster. Use tags properly though. Overusing tags can cause other issues down the road. Keep it simple and clean.

3) If a blogger has an extensive back catalog of posts, add numbered pages. This makes it easier for people to find a certain post that strikes them. Some people used the pages like “next” and “previous.” This takes too much time and energy, especially for your audience. Keep it simple. Numbered pages makes it easier for bloggers to categorize and file their catalog.


Do not keep outdated stuff on a blog page or site. Get rid of whatever is not needed anymore. This means bloggers need to take inventory of everything that has been written. This will take time, but it will increase the readership. Whatever is not working should be axed right away. Blog sites and posts should all be recent. Do not keep anything beyond 2 years ago.


Everyone knows that content is king. How much do we actually pay attention to this concept though? How much does each person actually take a look at what is being put out on their site?

This is why we are here today, to learn how to get better with context.

Google can either be your very best friend or your worst enemy. The trick for every writer or content author out there is to make Google his best friend. This is why paying attention to content is the main point here.


It doesn’t matter what field of writing you are in, you need to stay fresh. Repetition gets old and boring. There is only so many ways a person can say something before it gets tired.


There is something known as the Hummingbird. It works with Google. This is the bird that will read and re-read what has been written. This bird is so precise, it will spit out anything that is not fresh.

If any writer out there is having issues with their work, just send it out to the Hummingbird. This bird will tell you if it’s been done before or not. This bird will also tell a person if the content is fresh enough.

Content that is not fresh enough will not make it on Google or any other prime site. Google uses this bird as a barometer, so to speak. If any site is in trouble, have the bird come and take a look. It will tell the user what parts are outdated. The next step is to get everything updated.

The more updated your content is, the more traffic you will drive to your site. Think about this. Some sites have gone dead in the water because of being outdated.


This is another question that gets asked within this subject matter. Is it okay to take something that is already written and redo it? Some consider it okay to do, as long as the material is fresh and your own. Others have a different view. These people take the stance of it being “unethical.”

Now there are occasions when something needs to be rephrased. Say, someone asks you to take another article and rewrite it in “your own words.” This is considered to be part of the method. As long as it’s your words and it’s not a cut and paste, than in most cases it’s okay to do.


If anyone is at all concerned with the ethics, just use the Hummingbird or other Google tools. These tools can tell the person if the works is fresh, original and more importantly, their own.


Advertising your own restaurant is never an easy thing to do. Some find it quite challenging in fact. This article is here to help eliminate some of this stress.

Now most people already know to include the usual suspects on their site. Things like the address, name, location, inside pictures, menu and a way to make a reservation. Most people already have this down pat.

How much detail is actually put on the site with this information? Let’s look closer.


Let’s make this simple. Yes, it’s important to include the address. Why not include a small map. Allow this map to get details for each customer’s location. This way each customer can find the place sooner. This works out well for those who are challenged in the directions area. Customize the map in a way no one else has.

Make sense?


It’s not enough to just include a few simple pictures. Take a snapshot of the important rooms on the place. Upload these to the site. Each person that goes on to your site can see what sort of establishment your eatery is.

Only use the most important images you can. Remember the idea is to sell the place. Never use pictures that were taken in a harsh light.


Outside of the visual images of the place, the menu is going to be the next biggest selling point. Make it good. Put up some examples of what you are serving. Include some pics of the food. You need to give your audience something to grab hold of. You need to give the audience something to come back too. Include ways to make these dishes.

Many people go out to eat and indulge in some pretty fabulous dishes. These people also walk away wondering how they can make the same thing at home. Include some recipes on the site. This is one way to set yourself apart from the others. How many sites out there do this right now?

If you include things like this on your site, your audience will start to choose you over the others. This is just a simple look into how restaurant owners can use the visual and the contextual to appeal to a wider audience.

What’s on the menu tonight at your establishment?


Here’s something to consider. Displaying content with visuals will receive almost 95% more views than say content without visuals.

When selling a product, it’s all about the visuals. No one can get anywhere without the visual. This goes for anything, especially when it comes to social media.

With this in mind, here’s a small breakdown of how important visuals really are. Along with this breakdown you will find the main benefits attached.


Along with the content, the visuals need to have a consistency about them. In other words, do not place a visual up that has nothing to do with what is being sold. There are a few checkpoints that needed to be looked over when considering the visuals that you want to use.

– Who or what is the target audience?
– What is the main age group within the target demographic?
– Who or what is going to be the main attraction?
– What does your target audience engage in the most?
– What sort of social media platforms do they gravitate to?
– What visuals captivate your audience the most?

What these ideas are nailed down. There should be no problem putting out the message, both in content and visual.


Every channel offers different visual preferences. Be sure to fix your setting to what channel you are using. Set your goals to what the channel offers and your message. The two have to be consistent. Look over the social media channel to see what is being offered first. Pick out the best images to match the message.


The graphics have to be out of this world. They have to be something unique, something that has never been done before. Look at the intended message. Now go through what others have done before, even if they used the same visual appeal.

Now take all that has been seen and turn it around. Make the visual message into something fun and crazy, something that has not been touched on yet. This is one of the best ways to keep your company fresh and relevant. Online visuals and content change all the time. The goal is to capture the attention of your audience with something that they have never come across.


Some sites will give the user an option of branding certain images, making it their own. If you get this chance, then do so. This is way for the image to get seen by new audiences, audiences they would never have gotten to otherwise.

Just follow the directions on how to do this on the site. Do this for the all the images you intend to keep. This way you won’t have to go back into the archives. What happens if you do go back and it’s not there? Save times this way.


Every company and user needs to think visual from day one. This is very important, because visual is very important. When beginning the process of writing think about the visual. The two need to match up. Once you have a general idea of which way to go, save and edit the information. Then, you can upload when you are ready to put things to press.

Anyone who does not consider the visuals from day one is only making more problems for themselves. Take a gold and black shiny coat. If this is what you want to sell, you need to consider a way to sell it. Take a snapshot of it and include a few small words. Less is always better when it comes to content, especially on social media. Include the right words and the right jacket, then you just sold yourself a coat.

What visual will you use as your selling point?


Social media can be a very fickle creature. There is so much out there, but not everything is an exact fit. What works for one person on social media, might not work out for you.

Where does one begin?


The first thing everyone needs to ask themselves is this very question. What is the direction. Social media will have a direct and indirect impact on any business. Every social media platform offers some new and different. As stated above, what works for one person might not work for another.

Social media is good at doing lots of things. Some of these things include attracting and keeping customers, increasing traffic, raising brand awareness and building loyalty.

Loyalty works both ways. The clients have to feel they can trust the company. The company has to feel the client will always have their back. This brings the conversation back to the first question. Which direction is going to be the most worthwhile to take?

This is only something the individual can answer.


In order to answer this question, one must look at the message they are trying to send. Look at the messages, both direct and indirect. The next step is looking at the platform that will help raise awareness for that message, and in the right way. There is both a positive and negative side effect to everything. The idea is to take the positive route.


This is another important aspect to think over. Take a look at the age demographic of the average customer. Take a look at what they involve themselves in. If there is a specific social media that clients look at, use this channel. It’s going to be one of the main sources of communication for both of you. Learn to use it wisely.

There are places like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google and Snapchat. However, the biggest of them all is Facebook. Facebook is the giant that started it all. All other social media platforms try to emulate what Facebook started in some fashion. Learn to use Facebook, even if it’s just for business.

If you can nab 50% of clients on Facebook, than things will work positively. The best thing to do is look at the numbers. Send out surveys. Find out where most of the business demographic is holding court at on social media. Take what you find and go to those sites. Build your brand awareness on the site, even if it’s a promotion or two.

This is where every business finds their target audience. Use it as a starting point. The numbers will begin to rise. Others will start telling their friends about the brand. The higher the numbers on social media platforms, the higher the rankings will be.

Think about it. What numbers are you looking to have?


How many have heard of the new Canva for the iPad? Users definitely need to get their hands on this one. Canva has officially begun launching this app, and already it’s creating lots of buzz.

Users who are already familiar with Canva’s work will be more than pleasantly surprised at the quality of this new app.

Let’s look at some of the amazing new features this app has in store for its users.

– The library is more than exceptional. It has over 1 million photographs to look through. Need one. Go ahead and take one to use. Early buzz with this library has been off the charts. It has images that are not available anywhere else.

– The graphics and fonts have pretty much the same suspects that have been there before. There might be a few small surprises, but it’s pretty much the same.

– The Canva dashboard has amazing familiarity. It’s so easy to use. Users who have used the dashboard before will not be let down.

– The usual layouts are still there. The same filters and tools are still there, only a bit more updated.

– The buttons are a bit bigger. This is designed for more customization and adaptability for the person.

– As soon as the app is turned on, any user can go right to the library.

– Everything can be done on the go. This also means collaborating with others. This can all be done on the phone, with just a touch of the hand.


Early buzz for this is quite good. It’s actually better than good. Many users have found the design aspect to be better than other apps out there. It works out great for people who are at events. People who are at events need to get things done right away. This new Canva is perfect for this.

Once the person is done, all that is needed is a few edits. Everything else will take care of itself.

Everyone from business owners and designers to social media experts can use this thing. Computer geeks and programmers will also find this particularly fun to use. Get on board with Canva for the iPad today.


Trends are a funny thing, especially when it comes to social media. Some trends work out. Some do not. It looks like the year 2016 will be no different with trends. Only question remains, which social media trends are going to pass the test?

After going over a ton of new social media platforms and gimmicks, these top 3 look like they are going to be the winners.


How would it feel to buy something straight from a news feed? This is the way this trend works. Most of the time a person has to leave the page they are on to buy the product. Anybody can see a snapshot of a product on a page. Most time though, a person has to open up a new window to secure the item. This social media trend takes this worry out of the picture.

Places like Facebook has been teasing this idea for over a year now. It’s only been now that some have decided to take things to the next level. Just go onto the Facebook or Twitter main pages. There should be some sort of “buy now” option. Some users might have to open things up in their “call-to-action” center. It’s there. Instagram is even joining the team on this one.

This is going to be a gold mine for many people. Let’s see what happens.


Facebook users get ready for this one! There is not going to be a Facebook communicative device to be used during work. Most of the time, bosses tend to frown upon the concept of work and play being combined. This time it might be a bit different.

What makes this different is that it’s being used as a communicative device. Facebook Workies going to be a place for co-workers to come and chat. It’s a place for co-workers to get updates and information on work tasks. Have a question and need an answer? Just go here.


How many out there have feeds they never check? Most people stay in touch with instant-messaging platforms. This is what this is. There something called the WhatsApp app. Get it!

Social media apps are already a bit controversial for some individuals. They see it as a broadcast medium, which it is. Well this app is going to change the way users handle their messages.

Once the app is acquired just turn on the notifications. This way users have no excuses to not stay in touch with their feeds. With the click of a button, anybody can respond to their feeds. Check out who is looking and who is sending information.

The more users check their feeds, the more it will help to increase the sales and customers. The feeds are some of the biggest part of any business. They are also the most overlooked portion of a business. Things like WhatsApp and others sources will help to raise the bar a little bit more.

The best part is there are no ads or algorithms. How cool is that!

Users can even sign up to get the latest news on these apps. There are other benefits to using WhatsApp.

1) Users give their audiences more preferences and options when it comes to keeping in touch. Clients can actually choose which methods work best for them.

2) Users can conduct more useful surveying strategies by using this app. Users can see what tools their clients are using. As these surveys come out, strategies can be adjusted accordingly.

3) Users get live streaming, live feeds, amazing customer service and much, much more.

Which trends will you be following this year? These tops 3 should be part of the plan. Check out the links below for more information.