The End of Microsoft Paint

Do you remember the program Microsoft Paint? Some say the program’s use is coming to an end. This is due to the advancing capabilities of new programs that allow users a more advanced control of their projects.  Microsoft will be removing the default installation of the paint program and will be replacing it with a modern version of the app called Paint3D. 

A Short History of Paint

When the program paint was first introduced in 1985 it was considered to be the most advanced program in its kind. The program paint came installed when the original version of Microsoft Windows was released. The program paint is what mostly everybody relates to when it comes to drawing and using colors on the computer. This is true for kids and adults.
The program has many neat features. A lot of users enjoy all of the different types of brushes, colors and the fill feature which is used in Paint.

Since the news got out that Microsoft will be removing the program for a more advanced version people have been posting their different works of art they have created on Paint on the web. From Doodles saying “R.I.P Paint” to elaborate paintings which were created on the program as a form of saying the program will be missed.

Many people associate the program with color and drawing on Microsoft Windows. From when the first version was initially released to modern date the program has changed very little. A lot of people have memories of paint as this is the program they would use to create art on the computer.

Advanced Practices on Paint

Although if you are trying to create a drawing it might be very difficult to get the precision you want and achieve the drawing the way you want it you can have lots of fun just creating random pieces of work and messing around with different brushing techniques and colors.

Also a lot of people had advanced practice on the program Paint and would use it as a form to fill in images with the many colors and features on the program which were quite impressive. The program allowed users to load images and paint them to their liking. Whether investing lots of time into painting an image and creating a very complex piece of work or just a simple image fill the way they enjoyed it is something to remember.

The program will still be available after the new version Paint3D comes to Windows updates. A lot of people will just let it go and start using Paint3D as this is what will be installed on the computer. Since the program Paint will still be available for download some people who have memories of the program or have grown to be very skilled in paint will still keep it in their desktop.

Tools To Help You Make Your First Progressive Web App

A progressive web app also known as a PWA is an app like feature that can be used on the web. Instead of viewing an ordinary web page a PWA creates the app like feel. PWA.ROCKS gives you examples of progressive web apps. By visiting these progressive web apps you will get an idea of what your PWA will look like.

Native Apps or Progressive Web Apps

There are many categories with different progressive web apps. Knockout is a tool to simplify JavaScript UIs (User Interfaces) with the MVVM pattern. MVVM stands for Model-View-View Model. By doing this you get a neat foundation on which to build UIs. It is free and works with all mainstream web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Safari. Knockout runs on pure Java.

A tool that can help you create your PWA is PWABUILDER. It is the fastest way to create a progressive web app. If you provide the URL to your website it will help you fill in the gaps. You can work straight from the website or you can download it. From there you can also publish your PWA to the app stores.

ANGULARJS is a tool used to create progressive web apps. You can create progressive web apps for both web and mobile. Angular helps you meet really large data requirements and let you achieve the maximum speed possible. Angular supports the largest applications on Google.
There is a tutorial on how to use Angular plus useful information to help you navigate your way around angular.

Programs with Useful Tutorials

Creating your first progressive web app might not be an easy task if you are inexperienced in this subject. Google Developers offers much useful information to help you get started with your first PWA. In this guide you can learn how to code and how to make your app work offline. If you are new to making progressive web apps you will want to check out Google Developers for a lot of useful information.

WEBPACK is a service that allows you to bundle your JavaScript applications. It is not easy to understand everything right away. The good thing is there is a detailed guide with a lot of useful information you can use. There are also listed on the website all their sponsors who have donated and contributed to Webpack.

GITHUB allows you and your team to share and compare projects with other designers. You can use GitHub to help you improve your developing knowledge by working with other teams to solve problems and share ideas. Also on the GitHub marketplace there are many useful tools you can browse through and buy.

You can use all these tools to help you create your progressive web apps. As you go along and get more and more into creating progressive web apps, you will develop the skills needed to make successful progressive web apps.