Essential Design Trends

Thin typography is what a lot of web designers are going with nowadays. This is taking its place as the modern design trend. A good example of this is Apple – everything is thin. Thin lettering holds an advantage as it makes a web page look neater than a bold font. The reason for this is it leaves more of the background visible as opposed to having very thick letters. If you have a nice light background thinner letters fit right in. Bolder letters would take some attention away from the background.

Thin lettering can be used to give emphasis to bolder letters with in the same area of the webpage. It can also be used in reference to technology gadgets becoming thinner and thinner as technology advances. Everybody goes for the thinner, more modern look.

Less is More

A lot of websites are going with a less crowded look. This is due to the information section needing less and less content as the audience becomes familiar with the advertised focal point. As the web page advances there is less need for introductory information as opposed to information on upgraded features.

Another design trend that is becoming popular is elaborate details. This is due to the web designer adding essential details to describe the focal point rather than overwhelming the audience by providing voluminous texts that might not be attractive to the reader. As the focal point catches the eye of the audience the details have to fit right in without overwhelming the reader. It has to be easy to read and straight to point as a person would not want to spend a large amount of time reading information that might not be useful to them.

For example when comparing products a brief description is more attractive to the eye of the reader than a long description. When visiting a web page having little text encourages the audience to scroll around the website and explore the content without all of the large texts you might not be intending on reading cramming the web page.

Brands and Logo Design

Icon logos are being used more and more. An icon logo is a symbol used to represent a company. This icon logo is specific to the company and no one else may use this logo as their own. These icon logos can be used to symbolize the company and make it easily recognizable. If you see the small design of the logo you are more likely to remember the logo belonging to the company and you can identify that logo as the company which it belongs to.

This is used as a method of advertising. When you see the icon logo you may remember it and anytime you see that logo you will know it belongs to the company which it is specific to. These are commonly used on the front page of the website along with the name.

These design trends are becoming more common and as a representation of a modern webpage.

The Psychology Behind UX Design

When dealing with UX design, it is honestly one of those concepts that everyone has a different approach to it. In order to understand this correctly, you will need to experience this concept from a number of other perspectives. Once you see things from other perspectives, then you will have a greater appreciation for the viewpoint that you have on a particular item. But the psychology goes a lot deeper than that and you must have a good understanding of this to fully understand. Let’s take a look at UX design and see what it is deep down that makes this really tick.

People Will Get Away with the Least Amount of Work

This sounds funny, but it is in fact true, people will not do any more work than what they have to do. This translates to a person will not want to be overloaded with information. It is best that you give them just enough information that will allow them to decide if they want more or not. Give people what they actually are looking for and what they need. Research will be your best friend in this regard and will give you the best overall results. The last thing to look at is to provide defaults, this is important in the fact that this will allow them to do the least amount of work possible.

People Do Have Limitations

Remember that people can and will only read a certain amount of information on a screen and that once they have hit that limit, then they will without question lose interest. So, limit the amount of information that you provide to your visitors and not add a bunch of unwanted information. If possible, make the information easy for them to scan with their eyes. People tend to operate in short microbursts of information. They also like to read longer lines of text if it is something of interest to them. Most of the time, keep it simple.

People Do Make Many Mistakes

Nothing is more frustrating than to have a site that is friendly to those that make mistakes. There is a human part of us that tends to make mistakes all the time. If your site is not set up to anticipate these mistakes, then you will lose people at a rapid pace. There needs to be a way that you can avoid these costly mistakes and help a user to be protected from themselves and their innate ability to make bad decisions.

These are a few of the things that should be considered when talking about the psychology of UX Design. Considering these things, you will quickly see that your site can be made to be profitable and easy to use for your visitors. Just a little work will be all you need to put into making your website as popular as possible. This will be all you need to know in order to get the most effectiveness from the site and getting it to be one of the “go to” sites.

Importance of Personal Brandings

If you are one of the people who think that personal branding is not important, then you are in fact very wrong. Personal branding is essential as this it is what helps you to stand out from the rest of the crowd. No business has ever succeeded without a personal brand and no company ever will. We see logos all the time and when we see them, we are able to almost recognize them by their logo or their motto. Imagine a world where Nike had never come around with the Swoosh design, they would just be another unknown company that made tennis shoes.

Personal Brandings for a Successful Company

Personal branding is essential to having success. In fact, it is often said that the two of these concepts build off of one another. Image is everything and as a result this leads to you having better success and thus you want to make sure that you are carrying yourself a certain way that is in accordance with your image. If you see someone that has not taking the time to look at their image, then you will see where they are not giving off the image of success and wanting to be better.

Your standards will without a doubt change and you will find yourself not being satisfied with just getting by with the minimum. You will want to strive for bigger and better things. This leads to your whole mindset being changed and you seeing your standards go up. You expect the people around you to strive for better as you see that they can be and do better. This in turn leads to your business having a lot more success than you might otherwise have had. If you doubt this, then take the challenge and increase your personal brand and see what happens naturally with you.

A Personal Brand Helps to Stand Out Among Others

Having the skill set to stand out is essential to get ahead in the business world. Everyone has the same degree and the only thing that makes it different is what college did you attend to get it? That used to have enough weight to set you ahead of the others. The truth of the matter is that these days it is not enough to go to a school with a good name as you will not stand out. This is where the personal brand will be so important. The weight that the personal brand carries can be more than enough to make you stand out among the dull stars of the universe. A person that shows off their personal brand will see a lot more success come their way if they can master this being what sets them apart from others.

A personal brand is what makes you who you are and can make all the difference in the world in setting you apart from the rest of the crowd. Take the time to set back and determine what is your personal brand and make sure to tailor it to where it is unique to you and your needs alone. Once you have a personal brand that is all about you, run with it and make yourself stand at the front of the pack.

How to Survey Your Audience

We all have had the same issue at one point or another in our life. Of how to go about surveying our audience and making sure that we have content that is right for them and their needs. This can be quite defeating especially in the fact that when you create your content and suddenly you hear crickets. This is one of the worst sounds you can hear when it comes to your content. This can be a result of simply forgetting to ask people what it was that they wanted to see, you neglected to survey your audience. Everything is not lost though you can simply follow these simple tips, you can redeem yourself. There are three areas that you can use to connect with your audience.

Target People on Your Subscribers List

  1. Let’s start this process off with looking at your list of subscribers and asking them a question via email. This is a good way to get the temperature check of what is going on and where people are currently standing on a certain issue.
  2. Use software to survey your audience. This one piece of advice is huge and has a lot more weight than you might otherwise expect it to have. There are several programs out there that you can use that will give you amazing results in asking your audience questions and getting feedback from them. You will be amazed at the amount of information you will be able to gain.
  3. When you are asking questions, it is important that you get the important ones out first. If you bog down the survey with a bunch of useless questions, then your audience will begin to drop off and you will lose interest from them.
  4. Putting your subscribers into different lists helps you to better understand their needs and allows you to better tailor your content to those particular people. This helps to make sure that you are not sending content on surfboards to people that are interested in dog collars.

Target People with Various Social Media

  1. Take advantage of the Facebook Live feature. This is a huge tool that if you use it correctly will give you instant data that you can use in real time. Unlike email where you may have to wait hours or longer for your feedback, Facebook Live is instant feedback that you can use to tailor your content to their needs.
  2. Conducting a pool on Twitter is another way that you can get honest real-time feedback from your audience. These are becoming more and more popular on a regular basis.

When all else fails, you can use the tried and true method of getting your feedback and that is to simply call people and ask for their comments or concerns. Another way is to look at your FAQ section and see where are the majority of questions being asked and tailor things around that. Having the right content reaching your audience is vital in getting the best results.


Almost every other day there is something new being brought up in the virtual world. Today is no exception. Most people already know about the app Studio. This app is used for creating images and things of that nature.

Well now there is something even more brand new out in the virtual world. It’s something called “Brandr.” Never heard of it? Sit back and relax. Pour a cup of coffee and allow yourselves to be introduced to this new platform for social media and other creative uses.


Here are at least five ways that Brandr is like heaven on earth. Do not take these benefits lightly. Not many social media platforms or creative channels are doing this.

There are two levels. There is either free or upgrade. That’s it. A person can begin with just a free platform. Users can still access the same stuff as everyone else, it’s just a beginner’s way of doing things. This gives any small business owner a chance to start off slowly, and still take advantage of everything being offered.

The next step is for the upgrade. This is for those who feel ready to move forward. It only costs $10 a month to move forward. How cool is that.
Wait. There’s more. Below is an outline of everything a user gets with an upgraded account.

1) Everything that was available with the free platform is now doubled, if not tripled. This includes images, posts and team members.

2) The limitations that were there with its predecessor Studio are not there anymore. Which means, any user can create his or her brand more efficiently and quickly. This is a huge step up from the former platforms. Each user can add their own logos and branding. It’s all very easy to do.

3) Any Small business owner who spends their lives on-the-go will love this. It doesn’t matter where the location is. This is perfect for those who live on their phones. The user can do the work that needs to be done and call it a day.

4) The photos on this platform are like nothing anyone has ever seen. Any user who has a free account has access to tons of library photos. All these photos can be used in design and branding. They are all free to use. Now if a user opens up a pro-account the options become even greater.

Some might have heard of a “Double whammy” here. This is where the user gets access to the Studio stuff as well, not just the Brandr imagery from the library. This has never been done before on a social media platform.

5) The final benefit comes in terms of the pro-account. Each user gets to see the results of the things they share. They get to see the likes and dislikes. Each user gets access to how their brand is doing. It happens a little bit with the free account. However, if you really want to step up the analytics portion, it’s best to invest in the pro-account.

How many are ready for Brandr has to offer?

Personal Branding 101

Personal branding is the creation and marketing of a distinctive and memorable brand for you and your career. One of the most important parts of creating a successful business is cultivating a following that knows and loves your business’s authentic identity. Personal branding can lead to better professional opportunities, improved and diversified clientele, and recognition in your industry. Here are a few tips for personal branding to help you cultivate a following and increase the opportunities available to you.

Know Your Audience

Knowing who your target audience is and what their needs are is one of the most important features of personal branding. Your audience and your clientele are the ones who will most determine the success of your brand, so be sure to know your market. After all, happy clients lead to brand loyalty!

Use High Quality Images

The visual impression you make on your audience is the first and most lasting impression. Beautiful and professional images send the message that your product or services are high-quality, trustworthy, and exciting. With a strong first visual impression, your audience will immediately feel at ease and engaged.

Establish Networks

Connecting with other brands and professionals can open doors for you in your industry in unexpected ways. Start by listening to other professionals and making yourself of service to them, both so that you can learn from those who have more experience than you and so that you can create a network of allies. Cultivating a personal brand means establishing yourself as a leader in your industry, one that customers and other professionals alike are drawn to.

Don’t Stop Creating

There are thousands of places for you to showcase bits of your work to new audiences, so continue to create fresh and engaging content to share with the world. Don’t spend too much time on networking and forget to deliver creative new content with the networks already available to you!

Tell Your Story

Nothing establishes brand loyalty better than a personal story that your audience can connect with. Remember, your users don’t just care about the products you offer; they want to have a fully immersed, personal user experience. Cater to their experience by sharing your story so that they feel connected with not only your product, but also your lifestyle.

Personal branding is key to developing a successful business, as it connects who you are with the services you offer the world. These strategies will help you develop a personal brand that will increase opportunities and secure your place as a leader of your industry.