How to Survey Your Audience

We all have had the same issue at one point or another in our life. Of how to go about surveying our audience and making sure that we have content that is right for them and their needs. This can be quite defeating especially in the fact that when you create your content and suddenly you hear crickets. This is one of the worst sounds you can hear when it comes to your content. This can be a result of simply forgetting to ask people what it was that they wanted to see, you neglected to survey your audience. Everything is not lost though you can simply follow these simple tips, you can redeem yourself. There are three areas that you can use to connect with your audience.

Target People on Your Subscribers List

  1. Let’s start this process off with looking at your list of subscribers and asking them a question via email. This is a good way to get the temperature check of what is going on and where people are currently standing on a certain issue.
  2. Use software to survey your audience. This one piece of advice is huge and has a lot more weight than you might otherwise expect it to have. There are several programs out there that you can use that will give you amazing results in asking your audience questions and getting feedback from them. You will be amazed at the amount of information you will be able to gain.
  3. When you are asking questions, it is important that you get the important ones out first. If you bog down the survey with a bunch of useless questions, then your audience will begin to drop off and you will lose interest from them.
  4. Putting your subscribers into different lists helps you to better understand their needs and allows you to better tailor your content to those particular people. This helps to make sure that you are not sending content on surfboards to people that are interested in dog collars.

Target People with Various Social Media

  1. Take advantage of the Facebook Live feature. This is a huge tool that if you use it correctly will give you instant data that you can use in real time. Unlike email where you may have to wait hours or longer for your feedback, Facebook Live is instant feedback that you can use to tailor your content to their needs.
  2. Conducting a pool on Twitter is another way that you can get honest real-time feedback from your audience. These are becoming more and more popular on a regular basis.

When all else fails, you can use the tried and true method of getting your feedback and that is to simply call people and ask for their comments or concerns. Another way is to look at your FAQ section and see where are the majority of questions being asked and tailor things around that. Having the right content reaching your audience is vital in getting the best results.

Guide to Successful Email Design

Email is one of the most effective ways to market your business. Any marketing campaign will employ a variety of resources to communicate with potential clients, and email can serve as the centerpiece of any marketing strategy. A well-designed email campaign must be attractive and eye-catching, and should direct the reader to the most important information easily and intuitively. Here are some tips for designing emails that will increase traffic flow to a business and keep your customers engaged and interested.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Most people live their lives through their mobile devices, and any effective form of marketing communication should cater to the mobile experience. If an email is difficult to read or navigate on a cell phone, most readers will not bother to struggle with it. There are multiple ways to make an email mobile-friendly. One way is to create emails that resize to fit the screen of a mobile device, which works fine if the email design is relatively simple. For more complex designs with a variety of features, however, the best bet is to make a responsive design that adapts automatically to screens of all different sizes so that the content is easily accessible and readable on a phone, a tablet, or a laptop computer. A responsive design is the best way to make sure an email is readable and user-friendly. In designing an email for multiple devices, make sure the layout is simple, the font size and style will adapt well to reformatting for different device sizes, and the content isn’t too cluttered or close together. Make sure each link is large and isolated enough that tapping on it on a touch-screen is easy, and hide unnecessary information or features of the email when it is converted to smartphone size. The best responsive email designs are the simplest and most legible ones, and it is these designs that will keep users coming back for more.


Different email designs will work best for different types of content; there’s no need to just stick to one template across the board! Depending whether an email is a newsletter, a notification, a transactional email, or a marketing email, the format and design of the email will vary quite a bit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and templates to find the one that works best for each purpose.

Highlight Important Content

With all of the design and format considerations, it’s easy to forget about the most important part of an email – the content! An email campaign markets content first and foremost, so be sure to highlight the most important content and keep it concise and to-the-point. An email should communicate information in a fun, engaging, and efficient way so that clients stay interested and informed.

Email design is one of the most important features of any marketing campaign. Make sure emails are clean, clear, and engaging to keep clients happy and attract new ones.