Game Development

What Are Some Lessons That UX Designers Can Learn With Game Development?


Game development and web development do have lots in common. Gamers can be a truly demanding audience in their own kind of way. Web development can have sort of the same audience in its own way as well. However, web designers can learn a lot from game developers, and these are just some of the things. They are:

1. Make Sure to Be Open about Intentions

What does this mean? It means what it means. You should have very clear goals in mind for all that you do. It’s as simple as that. Inform users what your goals are when you add a new feature or make a change.

2. Correct Any Mistakes That Do Exist

If there are any bugs or errors going on, you need to make sure to fix them, and fix them in a way that will be permanent and not just temporary in nature.

3. Make Sure to Document Everything

When you document everything, and that is more than just commenting your code, you need to document any and all decisions that are made about the project in detail as well. Documenting makes it easier to do lots of things later on if need be.

4. Play Your Very Own Game

What this means is simple. You need to be confident enough in your own product. You need to play your very own game and show others the belief and pride that you do indeed have in it.

5. Don’t Alienate Anyone Who Came Before You

Don’t ever try to destroy the original thing that did attract the original audience. What does this mean? It means this. Don’t make any massive or sweeping changes to any app until you have talked to users about it first.