Essential Design Trends

Thin typography is what a lot of web designers are going with nowadays. This is taking its place as the modern design trend. A good example of this is Apple – everything is thin. Thin lettering holds an advantage as it makes a web page look neater than a bold font. The reason for this is it leaves more of the background visible as opposed to having very thick letters. If you have a nice light background thinner letters fit right in. Bolder letters would take some attention away from the background.

Thin lettering can be used to give emphasis to bolder letters with in the same area of the webpage. It can also be used in reference to technology gadgets becoming thinner and thinner as technology advances. Everybody goes for the thinner, more modern look.

Less is More

A lot of websites are going with a less crowded look. This is due to the information section needing less and less content as the audience becomes familiar with the advertised focal point. As the web page advances there is less need for introductory information as opposed to information on upgraded features.

Another design trend that is becoming popular is elaborate details. This is due to the web designer adding essential details to describe the focal point rather than overwhelming the audience by providing voluminous texts that might not be attractive to the reader. As the focal point catches the eye of the audience the details have to fit right in without overwhelming the reader. It has to be easy to read and straight to point as a person would not want to spend a large amount of time reading information that might not be useful to them.

For example when comparing products a brief description is more attractive to the eye of the reader than a long description. When visiting a web page having little text encourages the audience to scroll around the website and explore the content without all of the large texts you might not be intending on reading cramming the web page.

Brands and Logo Design

Icon logos are being used more and more. An icon logo is a symbol used to represent a company. This icon logo is specific to the company and no one else may use this logo as their own. These icon logos can be used to symbolize the company and make it easily recognizable. If you see the small design of the logo you are more likely to remember the logo belonging to the company and you can identify that logo as the company which it belongs to.

This is used as a method of advertising. When you see the icon logo you may remember it and anytime you see that logo you will know it belongs to the company which it is specific to. These are commonly used on the front page of the website along with the name.

These design trends are becoming more common and as a representation of a modern webpage.

New Photoshop CC Is Here

If you are like many of the people that has been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for the newest update to photoshop, then you will not be disappointed in the results of your long wait. Adobe promised something big was coming and they delivered with this update. While other programs were not able to achieve such powerful results. Adobe wanted to make sure that they got a product out to the public that everyone likes and could actually get behind.

We will look at a few of the features that will make this update one of the most powerful ones to happen in some time.

The Days of Better Masking

If you were hoping for better masking, then you will not be disappointed as Adobe delivered on this in a big way. Often it will be said that they over-delivered, but in this case, it was just the right amount.

Adobe has been making huge strides in dealing with effects such as windblown hair. This better masking tool replaces the refine edge features that was in the previous version. That is the bad news, but the good news is that the new tool can do a lot more than the refine edge tool could ever think about doing.

Facial Aware Liquefy

Again, this was another progress that came from the advancements in the new update. The tool automatically detects features in the picture and allows you via a slide to make the needed adjustments. This is a huge advantage as many types of program, such as Photoshop, will never be able to do something this advanced with such ease. This along with the content aware cropping ensures that you get more done in less time than you might otherwise spend time doing.

Font Recognition

The biggest issue a person might have is that they would have a problem with the fonts in a picture. Gone are these days as now there is a feature in the software that will go in and examine the font on a picture. Then, it will check if you have installed it and suggest that you use that font. If you don’t, then it will suggest for other alternatives that would work just as well and give you access to download these fonts. Afterwards you can use them in your project. This is one of the biggest advantages that users of the program will see when looking at how this program can make their life a lot easier.

Overall Speed Increase

There is a large amount of increase for speed that had not been there in updates past. Many of the features that were so popular and seemed to be the slowest, have been given a massive increase and now are three times faster than they used to be. This increase in speed means that you have a lot more increase in the amount of productivity that you generally had in the past. This along with the other improvements will mean an increase in the amount of work you get done.

Web Design Trends 2016

The use of layered elements is essential in websites today as they are a must have in a 2d web environment. The best part of this is that the elements are so realistic that you can almost reach out and touch them. This is why these are a must for any type of website that you are designing. The key is that all the layers need to look natural and light. This will provide a real look to your site and allow the elements to really pop. The best way for you to get results that will be outstanding is to simply experiment. This will allow you the chance to see what does and does not work and how each element will interact with other elements.

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These are simply interactions that occur when you click on something. There are a number of these that can occur but for this example we will use Facebook and their notifications area. We are all used to the icon in white and when there is something that needs our attention, the white icon has a red appearance on it. When you see these red icon, you will click on it and thus you will make new friends or will have a chat with one of your friends. This is an example of a Microinteraction as one action leads to another interaction that has a different effect.

Dark Color Schemes

For those that are fans of dark colors, you will like that one of the hottest trends this year is the use of dark color schemes on your website. These color schemes are popular for a number of reasons and the biggest of these reasons is the fact that dark colors are easy to look at and will not stress the eyes as much. The other reason is that they help for colors to really pop out when used on a website. Video and animation are two aspects that do well with the use of dark color schemes. This allows these to really pop when they might otherwise just blend in with the rest of the website.

These are a few of the trends that you need to be aware of when dealing with website trends for 2017, these are always changing and what is popular today will not be as popular next week or even next year. Always make sure you have your finger on the pulse of what is trending.

Tips for Faster-Loading Media

If you think that the amount of time for an image to load is not important, then you are not aware that a good portion of people that abandon a site will do so simply because the media takes too long to load. We live in a world where things happen in a matter of seconds and we are not willing to wait any longer than we have determined in our heads is the right amount of time. It is for this reason that if the media on a site takes too long to load, your visitors will generally leave before they see what you have to offer them. There is hope for this and if you follow these tips, they will go a long way in assisting you to make sure that you are getting better exposure to potential visitors.

Image Quality

When you are working with your images, it is important that you save them in a way that will make them web friendly. This simply means that they need to be in a format that the web generally likes to recognize and work with. Some of the more popular formats are JPEG, GIF, PNG and SVG. If you are used to these formats, then you are already ahead of the game and have a foot ahead of the rest. Having a format that the web works well will help you to get your pages and images to load a lot faster than in general.

Lossy Versus Lossless

If you are able to lose some of the file data and reduce the size of the file, then you can in the end lead to the image loading a lot faster than it might otherwise load. This is often referred to as Lossless versus Lossy. The difference between the two can make all the difference in how fast your media file loads and if a customer will remain on your site or not. Our brains can only process a certain amount of information and once this limit has been reached, we do not accept any further data. Therefore, you can lose a lot of the data that might be looked at as redundant in an image.

Image Size and Quality

The image size and quality are two things that should be looked at closely. These two aspects can greatly affect the amount of time that it takes for an image to load and thus will be another aspect that may or may not drive a visitor away from your site. Be sure that you look at this topic in depth and are doing what you can in helping to assist the image to load as fast as it can.

All of these put together will generally lead to your site loading a lot faster and will keep your visitors from leaving and going on to a competitors site instead. Most people do not think about the importance that content can have on the amount of traffic that they get, but in truth it can be all the difference in the world.


Everyone knows that content is king. How much do we actually pay attention to this concept though? How much does each person actually take a look at what is being put out on their site?

This is why we are here today, to learn how to get better with context.

Google can either be your very best friend or your worst enemy. The trick for every writer or content author out there is to make Google his best friend. This is why paying attention to content is the main point here.


It doesn’t matter what field of writing you are in, you need to stay fresh. Repetition gets old and boring. There is only so many ways a person can say something before it gets tired.


There is something known as the Hummingbird. It works with Google. This is the bird that will read and re-read what has been written. This bird is so precise, it will spit out anything that is not fresh.

If any writer out there is having issues with their work, just send it out to the Hummingbird. This bird will tell you if it’s been done before or not. This bird will also tell a person if the content is fresh enough.

Content that is not fresh enough will not make it on Google or any other prime site. Google uses this bird as a barometer, so to speak. If any site is in trouble, have the bird come and take a look. It will tell the user what parts are outdated. The next step is to get everything updated.

The more updated your content is, the more traffic you will drive to your site. Think about this. Some sites have gone dead in the water because of being outdated.


This is another question that gets asked within this subject matter. Is it okay to take something that is already written and redo it? Some consider it okay to do, as long as the material is fresh and your own. Others have a different view. These people take the stance of it being “unethical.”

Now there are occasions when something needs to be rephrased. Say, someone asks you to take another article and rewrite it in “your own words.” This is considered to be part of the method. As long as it’s your words and it’s not a cut and paste, than in most cases it’s okay to do.


If anyone is at all concerned with the ethics, just use the Hummingbird or other Google tools. These tools can tell the person if the works is fresh, original and more importantly, their own.


How many have heard of the new Canva for the iPad? Users definitely need to get their hands on this one. Canva has officially begun launching this app, and already it’s creating lots of buzz.

Users who are already familiar with Canva’s work will be more than pleasantly surprised at the quality of this new app.

Let’s look at some of the amazing new features this app has in store for its users.

– The library is more than exceptional. It has over 1 million photographs to look through. Need one. Go ahead and take one to use. Early buzz with this library has been off the charts. It has images that are not available anywhere else.

– The graphics and fonts have pretty much the same suspects that have been there before. There might be a few small surprises, but it’s pretty much the same.

– The Canva dashboard has amazing familiarity. It’s so easy to use. Users who have used the dashboard before will not be let down.

– The usual layouts are still there. The same filters and tools are still there, only a bit more updated.

– The buttons are a bit bigger. This is designed for more customization and adaptability for the person.

– As soon as the app is turned on, any user can go right to the library.

– Everything can be done on the go. This also means collaborating with others. This can all be done on the phone, with just a touch of the hand.


Early buzz for this is quite good. It’s actually better than good. Many users have found the design aspect to be better than other apps out there. It works out great for people who are at events. People who are at events need to get things done right away. This new Canva is perfect for this.

Once the person is done, all that is needed is a few edits. Everything else will take care of itself.

Everyone from business owners and designers to social media experts can use this thing. Computer geeks and programmers will also find this particularly fun to use. Get on board with Canva for the iPad today.


Trends are a funny thing, especially when it comes to social media. Some trends work out. Some do not. It looks like the year 2016 will be no different with trends. Only question remains, which social media trends are going to pass the test?

After going over a ton of new social media platforms and gimmicks, these top 3 look like they are going to be the winners.


How would it feel to buy something straight from a news feed? This is the way this trend works. Most of the time a person has to leave the page they are on to buy the product. Anybody can see a snapshot of a product on a page. Most time though, a person has to open up a new window to secure the item. This social media trend takes this worry out of the picture.

Places like Facebook has been teasing this idea for over a year now. It’s only been now that some have decided to take things to the next level. Just go onto the Facebook or Twitter main pages. There should be some sort of “buy now” option. Some users might have to open things up in their “call-to-action” center. It’s there. Instagram is even joining the team on this one.

This is going to be a gold mine for many people. Let’s see what happens.


Facebook users get ready for this one! There is not going to be a Facebook communicative device to be used during work. Most of the time, bosses tend to frown upon the concept of work and play being combined. This time it might be a bit different.

What makes this different is that it’s being used as a communicative device. Facebook Workies going to be a place for co-workers to come and chat. It’s a place for co-workers to get updates and information on work tasks. Have a question and need an answer? Just go here.


How many out there have feeds they never check? Most people stay in touch with instant-messaging platforms. This is what this is. There something called the WhatsApp app. Get it!

Social media apps are already a bit controversial for some individuals. They see it as a broadcast medium, which it is. Well this app is going to change the way users handle their messages.

Once the app is acquired just turn on the notifications. This way users have no excuses to not stay in touch with their feeds. With the click of a button, anybody can respond to their feeds. Check out who is looking and who is sending information.

The more users check their feeds, the more it will help to increase the sales and customers. The feeds are some of the biggest part of any business. They are also the most overlooked portion of a business. Things like WhatsApp and others sources will help to raise the bar a little bit more.

The best part is there are no ads or algorithms. How cool is that!

Users can even sign up to get the latest news on these apps. There are other benefits to using WhatsApp.

1) Users give their audiences more preferences and options when it comes to keeping in touch. Clients can actually choose which methods work best for them.

2) Users can conduct more useful surveying strategies by using this app. Users can see what tools their clients are using. As these surveys come out, strategies can be adjusted accordingly.

3) Users get live streaming, live feeds, amazing customer service and much, much more.

Which trends will you be following this year? These tops 3 should be part of the plan. Check out the links below for more information.