Guide to Modern Web Design

The digital world is continuously evolving, and new web design techniques are emerging every day. Here are some of the hottest modern elements of web design that will make your content stand out from the crowd.

Visually Engaging Backgrounds

Using an eye-catching animation or image as the background of your website is a fun way to mix things up. Using an engaging background allows you to use less text, since the image can communicate information immediately and continuously. Many sites even use interactive video instead of any static text in order to keep the user entertained and intrigued. Just be sure that if you use an animated background, you scale down the amount of information you layer on top of it. You want your background to contribute to the overall user experience, not distract from it.

Bold and Stylized Themes

As our ability to create new and innovative visuals grows, so do the options for matching those visual styles to our personal brands. If your content is fun, fresh, and exciting, use bold and vibrant colors to accentuate that excitement. If your content is cool, funky, and retro, try a vintage theme to match your site’s aesthetic to your voice. Play around with different themes and style to find the one that best complements your mission.

Minimalistic Features

Simple and user-friendly navigational features such as icons, drop-down menus, and banners help make your audience’s experience clean and comfortable. Opt for simple lines, understated and clean button designs, and intuitive functionality. If your website is too cluttered and your visual features are competing with each other for attention, the overall experience of using your site will feel muddled and overwhelming. Nothing turns users away faster than a site design that feels confusing and anxiety-inducing. Remember, you’re not only designing a website, you’re creating an experience. Select one or two elements of your website to be the bold, eye-catching centerpieces, and keep everything else clean and simple.

Playing with design elements can give your website a fresh feel and a professional style. With the rapid development of web design technology, new features are becoming available every day. If you’re creating a new site or your current site needs revitalization, try some of these tips to give your page a stylistic makeover. Aim for a balance of simplicity and innovation, and always keep your users’ experience in mind!

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