Setting up any kind of blog is never an easy thing to do. There are so many factors to keep in mind. Blogs that are just starting out are in the worse kinds of situations. Starter blogs are rarely found in search engine. If they are, it’s only because those who are locating them know what words to use.

This is the main purpose of this content. We are here to learn how to structure a blog properly. This way any search engine can pick them up.

1) Most bloggers blog about different things. It’s best to evaluate the subjects every couple of months. Look at what is being said. Look at what subjects are being talked about more. Which ones are being viewed more. Finding out this information is quite useful. This way a blogger will know which subjects to focus on. There is no need to blog about something that no one is reading about. There is no need to focus on a blog that carries little to no interest from the audience.

2) Use tags and subcategories. This is one way bloggers can increase their traffic and readership. Tags are an important part of any story. Tags are used on social media and other platforms. If you use a tag, the audience will find your stuff faster. Use tags properly though. Overusing tags can cause other issues down the road. Keep it simple and clean.

3) If a blogger has an extensive back catalog of posts, add numbered pages. This makes it easier for people to find a certain post that strikes them. Some people used the pages like “next” and “previous.” This takes too much time and energy, especially for your audience. Keep it simple. Numbered pages makes it easier for bloggers to categorize and file their catalog.


Do not keep outdated stuff on a blog page or site. Get rid of whatever is not needed anymore. This means bloggers need to take inventory of everything that has been written. This will take time, but it will increase the readership. Whatever is not working should be axed right away. Blog sites and posts should all be recent. Do not keep anything beyond 2 years ago.