How to Make Your WordPress Site Accessible

Making your website more accessible increases your user traffic and makes your content clearer and more engaging to diverse users. Here are some tips for making your WordPress site more accessible.

Choose Your Theme Carefully

Some WordPress themes are unique and interesting but difficult to navigate. Many themes are tagged as being accessibility-ready, meaning they have been designed and reviewed to meet standards of accessibility. Selecting one of these themes before you begin designing your page will save you a lot of time and energy trying to tweak your layout and content, so choose one of these accessibility-ready themes to give your site a solid foundation.

Use Color

Guiding your users’ experience with the use of color in your design can make it easier for users to navigate your content efficiently. Many users have diminished color perception, so ensuring that the colors on your website have enough contrast makes your page more visually accessible to these users. Using a wider font will also give you more color options, as text that has a wider stroke is easier to read at low contrast levels.

Make Your Content Readable

The way you present the written content on your site affects how accessible it is to users. Writing that incorporates short, scannable sentences, bullet points, lists, and varied font formatting that includes bolded and italicized text can make it much easier for a reader to process content. But remember – don’t vary the formatting too much or it may become overwhelming to the reader. Aim for a balance of clarity and variety to make your content as accessible as possible.

Use Captions and Descriptions

You want your page to be accessible to users who utilize assistive technologies, many of whom cannot see video and image files. Be sure to include descriptions and captions of any visual files, as well as transcripts of any files with audio content so that all of the content that you present is accessible to all users. Refrain from using auto-play on your video and audio files, which can be disorienting to many users.

Making your WordPress page more accessible to diverse users not only makes the internet a more equitable place, it communicates to your audience that you care about their user experience. Explore the accessibility accommodations on WordPress to make your site as user-friendly as possible.