Advertising your own restaurant is never an easy thing to do. Some find it quite challenging in fact. This article is here to help eliminate some of this stress.

Now most people already know to include the usual suspects on their site. Things like the address, name, location, inside pictures, menu and a way to make a reservation. Most people already have this down pat.

How much detail is actually put on the site with this information? Let’s look closer.


Let’s make this simple. Yes, it’s important to include the address. Why not include a small map. Allow this map to get details for each customer’s location. This way each customer can find the place sooner. This works out well for those who are challenged in the directions area. Customize the map in a way no one else has.

Make sense?


It’s not enough to just include a few simple pictures. Take a snapshot of the important rooms on the place. Upload these to the site. Each person that goes on to your site can see what sort of establishment your eatery is.

Only use the most important images you can. Remember the idea is to sell the place. Never use pictures that were taken in a harsh light.


Outside of the visual images of the place, the menu is going to be the next biggest selling point. Make it good. Put up some examples of what you are serving. Include some pics of the food. You need to give your audience something to grab hold of. You need to give the audience something to come back too. Include ways to make these dishes.

Many people go out to eat and indulge in some pretty fabulous dishes. These people also walk away wondering how they can make the same thing at home. Include some recipes on the site. This is one way to set yourself apart from the others. How many sites out there do this right now?

If you include things like this on your site, your audience will start to choose you over the others. This is just a simple look into how restaurant owners can use the visual and the contextual to appeal to a wider audience.

What’s on the menu tonight at your establishment?