The Color Theory

It is believed that the colors you use when designing a web page can have a big impact on the way people perceive your purpose. Different colors have a different feel.

Warm and Cold

There are colors that are considered warm colors such as red and yellow. Red is a color that reminds people of fire which gives an energetic effect. Red is also used when in reference with love. Yellow is a very bright color, usually associated with happiness.

There are also cool colors which give a more calm feeling. Blue is considered a cool color it is usually associated with the night. Green is also a cool color. Green reminds people of nature. Another cool color is purple, which is used to symbolize wealth. The neutral colors black and white give a feel of evil and pureness.

Composition and Association

If you are designing a webpage and need to choose the colors you want to choose colors that are almost opposite in contrast for the background and the text. If you have a dark background you want to choose a light color text which will be easier to distinguish. A white background would make black letters stand out and be easier to read.

Also, when choosing a color the color you choose might mean something to you, but another person might associate it with something different. For example, the color red is used to symbolize danger which, when you see the color red and think of a stop sign you will think of danger. In other countries like China the color red is associated with happiness.

The shade of the color also changes the feel. A brighter red, for example, gives out more energy than a darker red. A darker red is considered to be more elegant.

Tools to Choose a Good Color Theme

There are tools you can use to help you choose a color scheme. One tool is a color wheel. A color wheel is a circle with different colors that gives the relationship between colors. With a color wheel you can choose to go with a triadic color scheme.

A triadic color scheme is a perfect triangle drawn on the color wheel which gives you 3 colors which complement each other very well. There are also compound color scheme and analogous color scheme. A compound color scheme lets you choose 2 colors and gives you two colors opposite to those colors.

In an analogous color scheme you choose colors in the same area of the wheel. These colors usually differ in contrast and vibrancy. Choosing the right colors will make your web design project more visually appealing.