Almost every other day there is something new being brought up in the virtual world. Today is no exception. Most people already know about the app Studio. This app is used for creating images and things of that nature.

Well now there is something even more brand new out in the virtual world. It’s something called “Brandr.” Never heard of it? Sit back and relax. Pour a cup of coffee and allow yourselves to be introduced to this new platform for social media and other creative uses.


Here are at least five ways that Brandr is like heaven on earth. Do not take these benefits lightly. Not many social media platforms or creative channels are doing this.

There are two levels. There is either free or upgrade. That’s it. A person can begin with just a free platform. Users can still access the same stuff as everyone else, it’s just a beginner’s way of doing things. This gives any small business owner a chance to start off slowly, and still take advantage of everything being offered.

The next step is for the upgrade. This is for those who feel ready to move forward. It only costs $10 a month to move forward. How cool is that.
Wait. There’s more. Below is an outline of everything a user gets with an upgraded account.

1) Everything that was available with the free platform is now doubled, if not tripled. This includes images, posts and team members.

2) The limitations that were there with its predecessor Studio are not there anymore. Which means, any user can create his or her brand more efficiently and quickly. This is a huge step up from the former platforms. Each user can add their own logos and branding. It’s all very easy to do.

3) Any Small business owner who spends their lives on-the-go will love this. It doesn’t matter where the location is. This is perfect for those who live on their phones. The user can do the work that needs to be done and call it a day.

4) The photos on this platform are like nothing anyone has ever seen. Any user who has a free account has access to tons of library photos. All these photos can be used in design and branding. They are all free to use. Now if a user opens up a pro-account the options become even greater.

Some might have heard of a “Double whammy” here. This is where the user gets access to the Studio stuff as well, not just the Brandr imagery from the library. This has never been done before on a social media platform.

5) The final benefit comes in terms of the pro-account. Each user gets to see the results of the things they share. They get to see the likes and dislikes. Each user gets access to how their brand is doing. It happens a little bit with the free account. However, if you really want to step up the analytics portion, it’s best to invest in the pro-account.

How many are ready for Brandr has to offer?