Tips for Creating a Memorable and Engaging Infographic

Infographics are a great way to convey information quickly and effectively. However, it’s easy these days for your infographic to get lost in the sea of images and advertisements we see every day. Here are some tips for making your infographic stand out from the crowd.

Think Critically Using the FIRED Method

The FIRED method is a quick and easy way to check if your infographic serves the purpose you want it to in a clear and engaging manner. When you’re creating your visual design, ask yourself these five questions:

Fresh: How can you make your image stand out against others?
Informative: Are you presenting information that is accurate and compelling?
Relevant: Is the information you present clearly connected to your mission?
Entertaining: Will your audience be excited to get involved?
Different: Does your infographic look innovative and unique?

Making sure your infographic meets this five requirements will ensure that your audience is drawn in and that your information is communicated clearly and effectively.

Move It, Move It

Infographics with animation that adds motion is a great way to capture the attention of an audience with a short attention span. If your infographic incorporates motion, the audience will be more engaged and excited to read what you have to say. There are lots of different kinds of animations you can add to your image, ranging from fully independent animation that your audience can sit back and watch to interactive animation that allows users to immerse themselves in the experience. Most animation tools allow you to play around with different templates and find the one that will create the most fun and captivating infographic for your purposes.

Be Informative

The most important feature of an infographic is (you guessed it) information! After all, the point of creating an infographic is to teach your audience something, so above all, focus on sharing clear and illuminating information. The data that you use in your infographic should be well-researched and transparently communicated. Try creating a few different infographics of your data and test them out on a friend, and then have them tell you which one presents the information the most clearly. Remember, your goal is to inform and entertain, in that order!

Infographics are an excellent marketing tool to communicate with your audience. Keep your users engaged and interested by playing around with different styles and formats. And remember, have fun with it!