What Are Some Essentials That Go Along With Wearable Design?


Wearable devices are something that is becoming extremely popular. They are every inch convenient and offer a variety of different apps. There are literally millions of these wearable devices out there on the market and some of them include the following. They include watches, wristbands, rings, glasses, and earphones as a rule. If you decide to do design for these wearable devices, there are some rules to follow. They are these.

1. Make Sure To Keep It Simple

What this translates to is the KISS Principle. It is the most relevant of all known principles to follow in the wearable design device industry. The apps for wearable designs should be designed specifically to support the core of functionality for the app itself. Don’t add on any features, actions, or content that isn’t necessary.

2. It Should Be Glanceable

Never design an app that has a cluttered up interface. Interfaces should always be easy to read and display only the most crucial of all information on them.

3. Make Sure Information Is Prioritized

Any information that must be pushed towards users should be something that is filtered. Therefore, it should be prioritized properly, and it will serve to be something that is looked on later in the day. It will be a forefront of design.

4. Opt In For Lots More Privacy

Wearable devices do contain plenty of the user’s personal information. For this reason, designers need to opt for more privacy at all times, and this means when designing any notification for messages that they should be made to vibrate first and then display afterwards.

5. Make Sure That Interruptions Are Minimized

Wearable devices are somewhat like smartphones in a way because they do alert you whenever you do have incoming messages. However, they can be twice as annoying, and that is because they are buzzing about against your skin constantly. The endless buzzing can be irritating to some users and that is why designers of these wearable devices should reduce the interruptions as much as possible. If they demand too much attention users may abandon them and not one wants this.

Wearable interface design is something different and limited from other forms of traditional desktop or mobile devices. Therefore, the capabilities and limitations are something that does need to be considered, when a person does design them overall.